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My name is Fr Andre Antoni and I am the Director General of Bayard Presse run by the Congregation of the Augustinians of the Assumption and the publisher of Living in Faith Catholic monthly missalette.

Ever since my team introduced Living in Faith 18 months ago, the the Indian version of the world-renowned Catholic monthly missalette Living with Christ, it is read by thousands of priests and laities across the country.

Living in Faith is India’s first and only monthly Catholic missalette for praying and living the Eucharist. It contains the complete Order of the Mass based on Indian ordo, each day’s assigned Scripture readings, daily reflections, Saint of the Day and focused Sunday reflections written by scripture specialists and theologians from around the world. The monthly also carries engaging articles, explaining the Church’s sacramental life, liturgical seasons, and devotional practices in terms of their relevance for your growth in Christ. It inculcates a regular reading habit to the written word than the visual medium more prevalent now.

The June 2019 edition of Living in Faith is a special collector’s issue which brings out the unknown facts of the Bible as a literary masterpiece.

I am writing you to request to avail the discounted three-year subscription of Living in Faith. The offer price for 36 Issues of Living in Faith is Rs 2100/- as against the regular price of Rs 3600/-. The subscription will immensely boost our mission to help the clergy and the lay people experience faith and the language of liturgy and daily reflections, lives of saints and articles that touch the everyday lives of Catholics.

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Yours in Christ

Fr Andre Antoni
Director General
Bayard Presse
Congregation of the Augustinians of the Assumption
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